Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep2: Menstruation (Moon Cycles), Astrology, & Sacred Nudity


Episode 2 of the Curious C*nt is now available to stream on my Patreon page!

Sabrina Ourania is an international women’s retreat leader, yoga teacher, shamanic astrologer, and creator of Goddess Alchemist (website launching this week!).

In this episode, Sabrina and I talk about her coaching work with women which includes working with astrology, goddess archetypes, and moon cycles (menstruation). She shares about her life, practices, and how she began to consume her menstrual blood as a healing practice!

We also talk a little bit about her views and philosophies on astrology, her recent nude road trip, and many other interesting topics!

Here’s the first 8 minutes of the podcast to give you a little taste:

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Embrace the Darkness

Holy SHIT the Sun in Scorpio never lies.

My astrologer Katie Sweetman says that astrology is like a clock to tell us what time it is. As a Sun Scorpio woman, I am intimate with the details of how Scorp energy affects the human psyche. It can be a difficult, intense energy. For the last week or so, the clock has told us it’s time to look at our darkness. This is sometimes reflected in others, so we think we’re dealing with the darkness of others. Don’t mistake this reflection as an image of them. It’s really our own darkness staring back at us to pinpoint where we’re stuck.

These next few days before the new moon on Sunday, if we want to transmute this difficult energy into something beneficial for our lives, we must embrace the truth about ourselves (no, not anyone else – the truth about US), face the ugly parts and paint them over with some striking colors. The more we look at our reflection with love and affection, the brighter the dark spots become.

It is in these dark places, where we can embrace ourselves completely. It’s in our embarrassing moments, the obsessive nature of our thoughts, the passion of our desires. Scorpio reveals that which we might be ashamed of. The external darkness eases the darkness within us. It softens the sharp edges. It’s like taking the image out of focus, allowing our eyes to adjust, and then, with new-found clarity, we can no longer turn a blind eye to our shameful behaviors.

Dear ones, please hear me, though, when I tell you: DO NOT be ashamed. Embrace your dark behaviors. For they are the truest thing about you. They balance the shining moments of selflessness. They allow you to survive and thrive. They make you fully human. To me, this is the highest form of art and self-love – to allow yourself to be fully human. To be human is to be light and dark simultaneously. If you were bright and shiny all the time, you would not be fully who you are. You would not be telling the truth.

So continue to embrace this truth of your humanity. Keep embracing this lovely, consuming darkness.

Wishing you all a productive Scorpio season,




Photo: Unsplash