Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep 6: Religion & Sex: Moving from Certainty to Doubt

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Last December, I spoke at an event hosted by PechaKucha Pensacola. The theme was “Altered Outlooks” and I was invited to share my opinions on sex & swearing. As you can imagine, all the other presenters left me wide-eyed and intrigued, but one man left me particularly curious.

Scott Grantland touched me with his honest and vulnerable story about his decision to leave the Methodist Church as a minister. I appreciated his child-like, inquisitive nature, while still holding reverence and respect for his religion. He offered a persuasive argument for holding a place for doubt in his beliefs.

I invited Scott to be on my podcast and so I had the pleasure of sitting down with him a couple weeks ago to chat about religion, sex, porn, doubt, questioning authority, and lots of other fun stuff. Nothing is spared and nothing is sacred in this interview about religion & sex. Actually, just kidding. We’re super respectful, but also wax philosophical.

This was the first and only interview so far that I’ve done in person. I feel much more relaxed and comfortable interviewing someone in person than over the phone. I wonder why! In all, though. this chat with Scott was one of my favorite interviews so far. I’d love to hear your opinion on all of the juicy tidbits we talk about!

Check out the full episode here: And if you like it, I’d be honored if you become a patron. For something ridiculous, like $1/month, you can support this podcast. It helps me with the cost of recording software, online storage, graphics software, editing software, and eventually I’ll be purchasing some fancy microphones and shit.

Scott’s bio:
Scott Grantland is a former Methodist minister who grew up in Panama City Beach. After graduation, he attended seminary at Duke Divinity School in North Carolina. He worked as an associate minister for five years at First Methodist Pensacola. He has served the community in various ways, including participating in Leadership Pensacola. Currently, he is currently serving as a chaplain at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida.

You can connect with Scott here:

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