2017 – Year of Magic & Transformation


The Wheel of Fortune is one of the cards that represent the energy of 2017: Next year is fat with promise and dripping with possibilities. It will be full of choice, definition, decisions, completions, cycles, luck, and ideas. The best way to work with this energy is to go with the flow, meaning be open to what circumstances present themselves.

Don’t argue with reality. Be present.

This year, maybe more than other years, we have more freedom and control over what occurs in our life – IF we relinquish control, paradoxically. If we can embrace the unknown, accept what is, and work with the resources available to us, the Universe will meet us halfway.

The Magician is the second card that represents 2017 energy:
The true magic is a transformation of the self. 2017 is the opportunity to harness the magic within you, which is your power, will, and determination. Use this magic to change the landscape of your inner life and watch the rest of the world around you shift and shape into something magical.

What is magic? Magic is when the hidden becomes known, the internal becomes external, the subconscious is made conscious. Therefore, pay close attention to what is inside you, for it will show up outside of you – the demons, the monsters, the angels, the saints. What do you want to bring forth into existence?

“However you may be, be your own source of experience. Throw off your discontent about your nature. Forgive yourself, your own self. You have it in your power to merge everything you have lived through; false starts, errors, delusions, passions, your loves and your hopes into your goal with nothing left over.” – Nietzsche

This week, I will be pulling together my own 12 month forecast for the year, as well as doing readings for all of my beautiful clients! If you’d like a full personalized reading and report on how your 2017 will go, check out my 12 month forecast. I will be delivering them to your inbox with all the goods by Saturday, December 31!


Images: From the Steampunk Tarot (one of my favorite decks!) with art by Aly Fell

Fill my empty cup with your wisdom.

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