Interview with Alisia Leavitt


Writing is an essential part of my life and always has been, but up until the last couple years, I had always been afraid of sharing my writing. I was so afraid of being wrong, saying what’s already been said, or people judging me.

Thank fucking God I’ve gotten over that shit, right?! I have embraced the very real fear of calling myself a Writer and taken the leap of faith despite that fear. At the beginning of this year, I began working with a writing coach and mentor, Alisia Leavitt to keep moving on, keep creating, and continue down this path of writing that I has been so freeing.

Alisia is a huge part of the reason my writing has gotten better and my attitude towards writing has been one of acceptance and confidence rather than fear and self-loathing (which tends to happen with us creatives). Alisia is offering her Write to Rise Masterclass again beginning in January and I highly recommend joining this group. I sat down with Alisia the other day to pick her brain about the writing process and overcoming common writing fears.

Check it out:

Read more about the Masterclass and register here:

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