Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep 4: Sex, Orgasms, & Sacred Pleasure


Hello, my curious loves!

Last week, I had the honor of talking to fellow sex coach Deva Logan (pronounced like diva!) and we had the best candid, vulgar, enlightening conversation about her work, spiritual & personal growth, taking your orgasms back, and empowering others in their personal sexual journeys. Among, many other things!

Deva is a sex positive, dating, love, and relationship coach who helps people embrace their freedom! She works with men and women, helping them use sex and love as an avenue to trigger life changes!

Listen to a clip of our conversation:

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Connect with Deva:

As survivors of abuse, Deva and I have also started a Facebook group for women who are in abusive relationships or who are out and not only surviving, but THRIVING! Join us at The Surviving and Thriving Sisterhood.

Resources talked about in the show:

The History of Sex = documentary on sex
Movie – The Kama Sutra
Memoirs of a Geisha

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2017 – Year of Magic & Transformation


The Wheel of Fortune is one of the cards that represent the energy of 2017: Next year is fat with promise and dripping with possibilities. It will be full of choice, definition, decisions, completions, cycles, luck, and ideas. The best way to work with this energy is to go with the flow, meaning be open to what circumstances present themselves.

Don’t argue with reality. Be present.

This year, maybe more than other years, we have more freedom and control over what occurs in our life – IF we relinquish control, paradoxically. If we can embrace the unknown, accept what is, and work with the resources available to us, the Universe will meet us halfway.

The Magician is the second card that represents 2017 energy:
The true magic is a transformation of the self. 2017 is the opportunity to harness the magic within you, which is your power, will, and determination. Use this magic to change the landscape of your inner life and watch the rest of the world around you shift and shape into something magical.

What is magic? Magic is when the hidden becomes known, the internal becomes external, the subconscious is made conscious. Therefore, pay close attention to what is inside you, for it will show up outside of you – the demons, the monsters, the angels, the saints. What do you want to bring forth into existence?

“However you may be, be your own source of experience. Throw off your discontent about your nature. Forgive yourself, your own self. You have it in your power to merge everything you have lived through; false starts, errors, delusions, passions, your loves and your hopes into your goal with nothing left over.” – Nietzsche

This week, I will be pulling together my own 12 month forecast for the year, as well as doing readings for all of my beautiful clients! If you’d like a full personalized reading and report on how your 2017 will go, check out my 12 month forecast. I will be delivering them to your inbox with all the goods by Saturday, December 31!


Images: From the Steampunk Tarot (one of my favorite decks!) with art by Aly Fell

Ask Erin Anything! – Defining the Relationship


Hey Erin,
Can I ask you’re opinion on something? Once you’ve had sex with someone you’re dating, can you go backwards and not have sex just until you really get to know each other better (without upsetting or confusing the other person)?

I met a guy and we instantly hit it off very naturally, like nothing I’ve experienced before. Add too much wine and in the moment I had no self control. It was beyond amazing. We had 3 more dates, which were awesome. Then he canceled the 4th. Said he was scared because he could possibly love me already and he isn’t ready for it, just out of a relationship and said let’s take time for him to get his act together. And be in a better place to deserve someone like me.

About 2 months passed by an he messaged me to apologize and say he never stopped thinking of me, missed me. So I met him to catch up over a glass of wine at his place. I thought again, if have better self control, I held out until the very end of the night and then the chemistry over took me. We had great great great sex again.  It was overall a great night of talking, cuddling, then sex, cuddling. I left in the morning and he said let’s get together soon.

Then I hardly hear from him the past couple weeks. We almost had a date again but it had to be cancelled due to his work. Again, hardly hear from him. I messaged him and told him I was a bit confused, etc. He said he is into me but had a busy schedule. Now he finally invites me to hang out again but again wanted to chill at his place.

I don’t want it to be about just sex. I really like him, so I said well how about we eat together then go from there. He said that sounded great. But my thing is I want to feel more sure that he likes me for more than sex, and get to know him better. But I’m not sure how to go about telling him I don’t want to have sex again until we know each other better. I trust he won’t flee again and likes me for me. It‘s a struggle because I love sex and intimacy, but in a way I’m mad at sex right now.

I have horrible self control with it but I really don’t want to feel like I’m desired for looks and sex.

– Seduced by Sex

Sexy Seductress!!!

Okay, so your initial question was “Once you’ve had sex with someone you’re dating, can you go backwards and not have sex just until you really get to know each other better (without upsetting or confusing the other person)?”

I believe the short answer is that YES you can, with lots of communication! If you’re communicating adequately, the other person shouldn’t be confused. If they are, clarify. If you’re not sure exactly what it is you need and want, say that. Say you want to explore the options. If they get upset, that is THEIR shit. You can’t own that. You can make your needs and requests known, but they’re not required to comply.

But I think the deeper issue here is with yourself. You are at odds with your sexuality and your sex appeal and seductive powers as a woman. You may not know how to marry your emotional needs with your sexual needs. Girl, I’m still navigating this territory too, so I understand a little where you’re coming from. As a confident, sexy woman, you do want to be desired for your looks, body, and sex, so don’t deny that! But maybe it’s not the only thing you want to be desired for.

It’s okay to want sex AND emotional fulfillment from the same person. It’s beautiful and good and healthy to want a functional, fulfilling relationship with someone who stimulates you emotionally and mentally, but also knows how to fuck you well.
With any potential partner, in that transition phase of deciding whether or not the relationship will progress, there’s really no way of knowing the other person’s exact intentions or thoughts or feelings. BUT if you don’t feel like you’re getting all your needs met already, you have to discern and decide how to go about communicating your needs and asking the other person if they are willing to comply or at least give it a try.

At the same time, make sure your subconscious and your conscious are communicating with each other, too. Carolyn Elliott says that “Having is evidence of wanting.” If you think your are only being desired for your looks, a big part of you wants that. There’s nothing wrong with wanting our body to be adored and worshiped! However, you can reexamine your subconscious beliefs to see how they align with what is occurring in your waking life. Hypnosis, meditation, and Theta healing are excellent for accessing the subconscious mind.

Above all, make the decision not to settle. Be patient. Be loving. Go with the flow. Reach out to this guy and open your heart to tell him you want to try to not have sex and maybe date a little. Be honest. How he reacts will be all you need to know. He may just want sex. But whatever he decides has nothing to do with you. It’s all about him and where he’s at. You want someone who can meet you at the level and the place you’re at.

I wish you lots of great sex and love!


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Santa’s not real, but Magic is

I have never really been very into Christmas, and although I’ve never perpetuated my children’s beliefs in Santa, I didn’t hinder them either.

A few years ago, when Gianna was 8, I remember asking her if she believed in Santa and she shrugged and said, “Not really,” but I could tell there was a glimmer of hope in her eye.

I replied, “Well, you know he’s not real.” 

I’ve pretty much always told my children this. Not in a malicious way of course, but more matter-of-fact. I may be judged for this and that’s fine. I feel comfortable with my parenting.

Gianna was thoughtful for a moment and then posed a question that came from a very contemplative place, “How do you know he’s not real, Mom? Can you know for sure?”

She was challenging me and of course I had to say, “No, Gigi, I don’t know for sure that he’s not real.”

Now that she’s 11, Gianna still challenges me when I tell her Santa is not real.

However, even though I don’t talk about the mythical Santa Claus to her, I encourage her to entertain the fantastical through stories of other magical creatures in books and from my own imagination.

I don’t tell her that magic is real, but encourage her to take the same approach with these possibilities as she does with Santa. How do we know magic doesn’t exist? We don’t. I like to live my life imagining magic and miracles are real and encourage my children to do the same. I won’t ever tell them what to believe, but instead invite them to discern what they believe from their own experiences.
I’m proud for raising a child who is both realistic and inquisitive, who can entertain the magical and challenge the norm.

Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep3: Spirituality, Relationships, & Sacred Masculinity


Episode 3 of the Curious C*nt is now available to stream on my Patreon page!

In this episode, Justin Blackburn and I chat about a lot of different, unconventional thoughts on spirituality. We also discuss intimacy, porn, conscious relationships, emotions from a male perspective, and sacred masculinity.

This was such a fun conversation with an aware, awake, but super down-to-earth guy. I love connecting with fellow writers and seekers. If you or someone you know would be a good fit for my podcast, shoot me a message!

Here’s a clip of the episode where Justin reads an excerpt from his novel “The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues”:

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You can connect with Justin here:

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Ask Erin Anything! – Anal Sex, Part 2


     I still have some questions about anal sex. If you don’t do an enema or take a shit beforehand, if he thrusts too hard, can poop come out?
     In a pinch, can you do it without lube?
     I want to do it, but I’m kinda “scared” to. Maybe apprehensive is the better term.
     Also, will anal sex over time loosen your anus muscles and you can lose control of your bowels?
                                                                     Thanks! – Apprehensive About Anal

Dear Apprehensive,

These are all excellent questions!

Thank you for reading my first in-depth post about anal, where I address the basics of trying anal for the first time.

There’s always a chance feces may come out during anal sex, but honestly the chances are pretty small. Usually it’s not a problem if you’re eating well and drinking lots of water, no matter when you decide to have anal sex. If you don’t feel completely empty, maybe wait a bit or try another time. In the beginning, the feeling of having some foreign object in that part of your body can trigger cramps or make it seem like you need to poop, but eventually you’ll be able to tell the difference.

In my opinion, it’s never ideal to have anal sex without lube. Always have lube around! But since you asked, yes, in a pinch you CAN have anal penetration without lube. Spit can work just as well and shower sex helps too. If you don’t have access to lube, use spit before anything else. Don’t put some random goo inside your body.

I personally wouldn’t make it a habit to have anal sex without lube, because rough, dry sex can cause all sorts of discomfort and pain. It can cause tears and bleeding. While these things are minor and inconvenient, they cannot cause permanent loosening of your anus muscles nor will pleasurable anal sex cause bowel incontinence directly. Since we’re on the subject, a lot of sex won’t make your vagina loose either. This article is pretty informative on the subject: A Primer on What Sex Does (And Doesn’t) Do To Your Vagina and Butthole.

Always aim for pleasure from any kind of sex. If it doesn’t feel good physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, why are you engaging in it? You’re not obligated to do anything you don’t want to. Don’t ever let a partner pressure you into something.

If you need more guidance, refer back to my initial post about anal, or shoot me a message at with Ask Erin Anything! in the subject line.

Keep your butt and your heart happy!

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Sex is Sacred – Part 2


Sex is sacred and sex is creative!

If you follow my Facebook page, you already know that my celibacy experiment ended after only two weeks (I know, those of you that know me are still laughing hysterically). I think there is a time for celibacy, but for me, that time is not now and it was not for the time after I wrote that blog post over three months ago.

Shortly after I wrote that post, I met someone. We were both coming out of relationships and we were both depressed, lonely, and starving for some genuine human connection. We connected. I told him we couldn’t have sex and about the experiment. He understood. So we cuddled and talked and snuggled for four nights. The morning after the fourth night, I caved. It had been 15 days since I had last had sex and my body welcomed the passionate release like a hot shower after a long day. Only it was 15 days. I didn’t fret over not making it the 3 months. Another time, maybe, another place.

The sex I’ve been having for the last three months were a necessary creative fuel for my writing and my motivation. A lot has happened in that short span of time! I began my private Facebook group, Sacred Sex, Emotions, and Intimacy, and began to own my calling as a sex positive teacher and sex/relationship coach. Sex is by nature creative, as in, it creates life! Therefore, our sexual health is directly correlated with our creativity. Everyone’s sexuality is different and everyone’s creative nature is different. The interplay between the two is individual to each person.

So, even though I “failed” at my little experiment, I’m okay with it. The sex feels good, especially after the previous few months of mediocre, meaningless sex. It makes me happy and right now in my life happiness is essential to moving forward and doing my work. It made me realize that abstaining is not the right thing for me now because of who I am and how I thrive. So I failed at my abstinence, but I didn’t fail at being myself. It was a lovely experiment and maybe I’ll try it again someday.

Interview with Alisia Leavitt


Writing is an essential part of my life and always has been, but up until the last couple years, I had always been afraid of sharing my writing. I was so afraid of being wrong, saying what’s already been said, or people judging me.

Thank fucking God I’ve gotten over that shit, right?! I have embraced the very real fear of calling myself a Writer and taken the leap of faith despite that fear. At the beginning of this year, I began working with a writing coach and mentor, Alisia Leavitt to keep moving on, keep creating, and continue down this path of writing that I has been so freeing.

Alisia is a huge part of the reason my writing has gotten better and my attitude towards writing has been one of acceptance and confidence rather than fear and self-loathing (which tends to happen with us creatives). Alisia is offering her Write to Rise Masterclass again beginning in January and I highly recommend joining this group. I sat down with Alisia the other day to pick her brain about the writing process and overcoming common writing fears.

Check it out:

Read more about the Masterclass and register here:

Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep2: Menstruation (Moon Cycles), Astrology, & Sacred Nudity


Episode 2 of the Curious C*nt is now available to stream on my Patreon page!

Sabrina Ourania is an international women’s retreat leader, yoga teacher, shamanic astrologer, and creator of Goddess Alchemist (website launching this week!).

In this episode, Sabrina and I talk about her coaching work with women which includes working with astrology, goddess archetypes, and moon cycles (menstruation). She shares about her life, practices, and how she began to consume her menstrual blood as a healing practice!

We also talk a little bit about her views and philosophies on astrology, her recent nude road trip, and many other interesting topics!

Here’s the first 8 minutes of the podcast to give you a little taste:

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Ask Erin Anything – Communication & LDR


Hi Erin,

I have been in a great amazing friendship with someone on FB for the last 9 months. It’s long distance – I am located in Chicago & she’s in Connecticut. We have been exchanging ideas comments & concerns with each other no matter what time of day it is. I want to get to a deeper level with her. I want to ask her out but at the same time, I want to keep it just neutral until she’s more ready. What are your thoughts about this?

Thank you!

Eager and Excited in Chicago

Dear Eager,

Intellectual stimulation and connection is a beautiful thing! It sounds like you’ve really gotten to know this person inside and out and shared lots of intimate parts of your life with her. It’s hard to become mentally intimate with someone and not want that physical intimacy, too.

I also love that you are taking her feelings and thoughts into account. You say she might not be ready right now. There might be some things in her life that need to be wrapped up before she can become more involved with you, or maybe she’s apprehensive about the distance. Either way, I think you already have the right attitude regarding this situation. You recognize the importance of her autonomy and choice.

That said, you still have to be true to yourself and your feelings by communicating to her how you feel! No matter what, tell yourself that you don’t mind what happens! If she says no or maybe or reacts in a less than ideal way, then you’ve adequately prepared yourself to hear her completely independent choice. Don’t take anything personally!

When you share your thoughts, be completely honest. Don’t hold back. People respond well to vulnerability. Show her you care deeply for her and want to take another step in your relationship, whatever that means. Be willing to make compromises.Tell her you’re not asking for a life-long commitment. You just want the chance to meet her face to face.

Defining and redefining relationships is essential. With relationships, we have two people who are separate entities with needs and wants all their own. These must be communicated consistently in order for both parties to continue to be satisfied.

So, in conclusion, I suggest:
1. Telling your friend how you feel and what you desire, openly and honestly.
2. Allow her space to respond in the way and the time she requires.
3. Define or redefine the relationship together.
4. If she doesn’t agree to wanting to meet, ask her if she might be willing to reconsider after some time. Don’t ever be pushy!

I wish you both much happiness and continued intimacy and connection.
Thank you for your thoughtful attitude and question!

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