Feed your dreams to follow them and shit.


STOP. Seriously, stop.

Will you stop whining for a second to listen to the real you underneath all the stress and bills and work and kids and jobs and responsibilities? The authentic version of you is screaming!

Do yourself a favor and don’t ignore that creative voice inside you. It is uniquely you, fashioned from every aspect of your human experience. No one else has your particular perspective – on life, on politics, on family, or work. Don’t discount your own thoughts and opinions.

If your gut/intuition/instinct is trying to tell you something, don’t allow social conditioning to push it down. I could just tell you to follow your dreams and find your passion, but let’s get more specific.

What are the innermost thoughts and desires inside your brain and your heart that you may not have even spoken out loud to yourself, much less another soul? What do you daydream about in the shower? Where does your mind wander to on a long drive (and then abruptly realize you’re going 80mph and wonder where the last 50 miles went? Oops.)

Maybe those thoughts don’t seem like much. Maybe they even seem downright silly to you. I promise you, though, when you get brave enough to share your silliness with the world, great things will happen. Opportunities open up. Be open to receiving them, you in all your goofy glory!

Respect yourself enough to listen to yourself.

What if you’ve had ideas before and they’ve never amounted to much? There’s nothing wrong with you and there’s nothing wrong with your idea. You think a million fantastic thoughts a day – not every single one will manifest into reality. The ones that keep bugging you, though, are the ones to foster.

Keep a journal, write on your hand, get a fabulous free app like Evernote, make a Facebook post, tell a friend. Whatever you do, keep the ever-changing chaos of your thoughts fresh by enlivening your ideas with new territory. If you keep giving your mind artistic license and respect it for its limitless potential, you will be able to follow your dreams.

If you don’t feed your dreams, they die. Feed your dreams, not your fears.

If you feed your dreams, they will return the favor and begin to feed you. They will leave tidbits of breadcrumbs for you to follow. So, feed your dreams, not your fears.

Back to our regularly scheduled whining…


Photos and art by me!