Tarot + Yoga = Positive Change!

For about a month, I have been doing tarot readings for online via Fiverr (where an array of services have a base price of five bucks!). I accompany the reading with a short and sweet yoga sequence.

Today, I received another positive review from someone halfway around the world! I love doing these readings and empowering people to make positive change in their lives! I would love to help you with an individual tarot reading. In the reading, we can shed some light on areas of your life where you may feel stuck or are confused about. After that, I give you a personalized yoga practice to help you move past your obstacles!

This is a special project that is close to my heart. Offering these $5 readings is just the beginning. Much bigger and better things are in the works, so stay tuned!

Yoga, tarot, and self-study have changed my life for the better. What if you don’t fancy yoga or tarot? Find another way to be a student of yourself. Listen to your body, your emotions, your dreams, and visions. Don’t push them down. Let them come up and watch magic happen!

Have you implemented tarot into your yoga practice and/or vice versa? Is there another way you engage in self-study? I’d love to hear about it!

Ready for your own reading? Get them while they’re still only $5. Click the image below to see my offerings: